How do you succeed in school?


To succeed in school, you must be committed and determined to learn. Good study and communication skills are vital in learning. Begin with improving study skills and then focus on reading.
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1. Discuss your expectations about middle school with your son or daughter and listen to their needs. 2. Set up reasonable and reachable academic goals for the first marking period.
1. Keep in touch with your school counselor throughout the school year. They are your advisers and can guide you through the best schedule route to take in order to succeed. They
If you want to succeed you need to have two things. You need to have motivation to work your hardest and have perseverance. If you have both of these attributes you will succeed.
you study and work hart (always stay focused and listen to the teacher try as hard as you Can and if you want go to tutoring classes)
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School teaches students skills they need to succeed on the job and in other areas of life. School also help students achieve a well-rounded knowledge base, which ...
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