How do you succeed in school?


To succeed in school, you must be committed and determined to learn. Good study and communication skills are vital in learning. Begin with improving study skills and then focus on reading.
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1. Go to school every day. Students who succeed in school attend school every day. Try to only miss school for emergencies or illnesses and be sure not to cut class. Being in the
1 Keep in touch with your school counselor throughout the school year. They are your advisers and can guide you through the best schedule route to take in order to succeed. They may
When I was a kid we got paper covers to put on our school books every year. At least one of those covers had a bar chart showing likely lifetime earnings for elementray school drop
Succeeding in medical school is the same as succeeding in any university. You set aside time every day for study, take good notes and use them to study. Here are some special problems
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