How to Suffocate Yourself?


To suffocate yourself, you may put on a plastic bag to cover your whole head and tie the ends so air can't come in. You may also hide in a tightly closed closet. However, suffocating yourself is definitely incorrect as it can even become fatal. Life is valuable and we only have one so we should avoid doing things that will threaten it.
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Suffocating yourself with gas fumes in your car is a pretty easy way to go. Not
you can't sufficate yourself with a pillow. Plaese don't try to hurt yourself ,I know things are bad now, but if you just hold on a while things will change for the better . Pray.
1. Apply liberal amounts of oil, mayonnaise or petroleum jelly to the hair. Completely cover the hair. 2. Cover the head with a plastic shower cap so that all of the hair is covered
Suffocation happens when: If anything gets lodged in one's throat. If someone closes one's airways like in an attempt to kill that person by strangling. If one's access to air is
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