How to Summarize a Paragraph.?


1. Read the paragraph once without highlighting or circling any of its text. This will give you a general idea of the subject and the author's purpose without getting too bogged down in details and descriptions. Pay attention to the author's purpose
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How to Summarize a Paragraph
Summarizing a paragraph is one of the essential skills students learn during their pre-college education. While the task may seem difficult at first, summarizing a paragraph just means briefly stating the paragraph's main ideas. As you summarize, focus... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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When summarizing a paragraph, you need to find the gist of what the writer want to convey. Find the main points of the paragraph and summarize it in one or two ...
Read the paragraph, then find keywords in the paragraph, find the main point of the paragraph. Then summarize in your own words what the authors main point of ...
The grievances, Dr. King summarizes in paragraphs two and three of his speech, focuses on civil rights for Black Americans. This includes equality in the workplace ...
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