How to Summon a Succubus?


Summoning a succubus is a paranormal activity and may or may not work for you. The process involves marking the floor with a white cord or chalk and making a protective circle or pentagram. You'll also need 3 or 5 black candles in order to start. Instructions and requirements
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To summon a Succubus you need to draw a protective circle or pentagram on the floor with chalk. You need 3 black candles. Make sure that they are equal distances apart in the circle. For more information look here: 10 Steps to Summon a Succubus ;
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"Succubus" is a broad term that can be applied to various different beings (given certain circumstances) this classification does not denote any specific entity. What is
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Clearly mark the floor with a white chord and take 3 black candles (or 5) and place them
To summon a Succubus: Clearly mark the floor with a white chord (or white chalk) and make a protective circle or pentagram. A white marble inlaid in black-more?
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A succubus is described as a female demon that appears to men in their dreams and seduces them sexually while in the human female form. Many people that have become ...
According to myth and certain witchcraft religions, an incubus is an aggressive male demon who may attack a male or have sexual relations with a woman. A succubus ...
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