How to Survive on a Deserted Island?


The best way to survive on a deserted island is to first of all, find something that you can use as shelter. That is the most important thing to protect you from the elements. You then need to find a few loose rocks to make a spear with a tree branch in order to hunt for fish, or whatever animals are out there. Find some coconut trees if there any, and throw rocks up at them in order to bring them down if you cannot climb trees. Then get some more wood, and make an SOS sign on the beach, or if you can't find enough wood, draw it deep in the sand with a pointed stick, you could always use your spear at this point. Then you need fire, and water ideally. If you wear glasses, find the point when the sun is highest, find a hot rock and set yourself up a small wigwam of dry leaves and twigs, put your glasses to where the sun can penetrate through.. and get a fire started. If you don't own glasses, you need to cause enough friction between the wood and the dry leaves in order to make it smoke, then blow at the bottom of it making it flame. Then you just have to catch something, eat it, rinse and repeat until you get rescued.
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1. Get to land. If you see it, you should swim towards it. Your chances of surviving and being found are infinitely better on an island than they would be while lost at sea. When
1. Gather everything that you can - debris from your boat, bits of wood and other bits of what you think is general junk. Gather food to eat also. Ad. 2. Gather all survivors - there
I would first depending on the time of day start a fire find some food then get some salt water boil it so i have drinkable water. i would start to search for things to make a suitable
Desert Island merely means uninhabited, it does not imply actual desert conditions, so survival is quite possible even without any equipment. The bags and hosepipe could be used to
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How to Survive on a Deserted Island
While it's important to hope for the best in life, it's also important to plan for the worst. While no one expects to land on a deserted island, the fact of the matter is that it can happen. There are a handful of key skills and activities you should be... More »
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To survive on a deserted island, you need to focus on three different things. The first thing to focus on is finding fresh water. Second, you will need a source of food, whether it be fruits or meat, you need to have something to eat. Third, you will need to find or make a shelter.
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