How to Survive on a Tropical Island?


First thing to remember if you are stranded on a tropical island is do not drink the sea water. Try to find shelter and even though it is hot, try to build a fire. A fire will come in handy for many reason. You can survive without water for a couple of days, but if it rains, do the best to catch some rain water. You can boil rain water to purify it or drink it as it falls. Overall, don't panic. You can find more information here:
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You can survive on a tropical island if you make a hut to live in. You have to find a food source, coconuts and berries are nice. Make sure you have fresh water to drink, and you'll
depends on if the island has food sources, clean fresh water, shelter, no hostile natives.otherwise you dead!
1. Choose breeds that are raised for hot and humid climates. Consider Mediterranean breeds such as the Ancona, Spanish White Face and Leghorn. Alternately, choose Asian breeds such
1. Gather everything that you can - debris from your boat, bits of wood and other bits of what you think is general junk. Gather food to eat also. Ad. 2. Gather all survivors - there
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To survive on a tropical island, the most important thing is to find a fresh water source. After that, begin searching for food and shelter.
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