How to Switch Form One Verizon Wireless Phone to Another Verizon Wireless Phone?


To switch between two Verizon phones, you need to sign on to your online account and click 'Activate equipment.' Type in the IMEI or MEID number that you see on the back of the new phone's battery. Put a check next to every feature you may want on your new device afterwards. Turn off the current phone and turn on the second one. Dial *228 and SEND. Your new phone should be activated after pressing '1' and listening to the announcer's instructions. Congratulations on your toy!
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1. first go get your phones. the one your want to change to, and the one you use currently. 2. now your want to jump onto the internet at and you'll
To do an ESN change and switch the phone yourself dial *228 Send option 3 on the new phone, and it will have you verify info and program. The only reason it won't program is if there
You already have a contract with the Droid which means you will not be eligible for contract pricing until a minimum of 1 year on your line. Best bet, is to have someone else upgrade
You can dial *611 from your cell phone or call (800)
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