How to Tag Friendsin Photos in Facebook?


Go to the My Photos page. View a photo album by clicking on the album cover or the View link. Choose an image to tag by clicking on the photo's thumbnail. Select the Tag This Photo link. When your mouse is over the photo, click on the person you want to tag.
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1. Point your browser to the Facebook photo to which you want to apply a tag. Photos are accessible via the Photos tab just beneath the profile picture on a profile. You can apply
According to The Facebook Effect (pages 153-154), Aaron Sittig came up with the idea of tagging photos solely with the identities of the people they contain: "After a few weeks
First click on the photo that you wish to tag then scroll down and you should see tag this photo. Click on this then put your mouse over the place you want to tag then click. Then
When you click you want to post a pic there's normally a thing that says tag a friend. You select them and then post it.
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Photo tagging in Facebook is an application that allows one to label people in pictures using their names. That way, when you scroll your mouse across the picture ...
To tag a friends photo on face book one needs to access his/her face book address and go to the photo you want to tag then click on Tag this photo option the photo ...
On Facebook, tagging is a way of linking someone, a page or place to something that you have posted such as a photo, status update or an application activity. ...
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