How to Tailor Your Own Shirt?


I have found that the easiest way to tailor your own shirt is to turn it inside out and follow the seams that are already in place. After I have sewn in the new seams, using my sewing machine, I cut away the extra fabric so that it lays nicely.
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In order to tailor your own shirt you will need to have someone help you or you will need a dress form if you plan on doing it yourself. Begin by turning the shirt inside out. You can find more information here:
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1. Lay the shirt face up on a flat surface. 2. Measure the inside of the collar of the shirt, from the center of the button to the point where the buttonhole is stitched. This is
To make your own shirt you first have to look at the patterns to decide which pattern you want to make. You place the pattern on the selected material, cut out the pieces and sew
1 Research the style of shirts that you like. There are differences in collars, cuffs, fabric types, etc., that make shirts distinctive. These are the things you should be aware of
Depends on the tailor and what how much the shirt needs to be taken in. A department store tailor would probably charge between $15-$35 USD for this service. Embed Quote
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With sewing knowledge, basically how to hold a needle and thread and patience, you can be on your way to tailoring clothes. From shirts to jeeans there will be ...
Tailoring men's shirts is something you will want to find a good tailor to do. I know that when I have a shirt that is too small or too short in the sleeves, for ...
1. Have the officer put on his undershirt and bulletproof vest to get the proper measurements for tailoring the police shirt. 2. Turn the uniform shirt inside ...
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