How to Take a Cast off Your Arm?


It is not to difficult to take a cast off your arm. It is a matter of cutting the hardened cast with a saw or sharp scissors. You should be careful not to cut the underlying arm.
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you should alwas let a doctor take it off .NEVER! EVER! do it yourself.
1. Find out what your airline's broken bone policies are. If you are planning to fly, contact the airline to see what their regulations are for passengers with broken bones. Some
1. Cut a tube of medical stockinette. Unroll a tube of medical stockinette. The stockinette should be 2 inches (5 cm) wide. Place the unrolled stockinette over your forearm. Cut the
Your arm is probably swelling from the injury that resulted in getting your cast in the first place. Try getting your swelling down by elevation your arm above your heart for a little
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