How to Take a Governor off a Moped?


To take a governor off of a moped, one will need to remove the air filter box. That box is governing the speed of the moped by letting less air enter the engine. With the box gone, more air will be able to enter the engine which will allow for more speed.
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1. Remove the air filter/box. Your moped has an air box that restricts the amount of air flow going into the engine; removing this box will allow as much air as possible to go into
Most mopeds do not have governers. The speed is restricted through
You don't. There is no governor. It is the way a moped works. Centrifigal clutch engages when engine is up to speed, otherwize it the engine stays running. If you
There is no "governor" on a UM X-Peed 50 scooter. The only ways to make it faster are to add enhancements to the motor, drivetrain (variator, clutch), and exhaust. Hope
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How to Take a Governor Off a Moped
Manufacturers often restrict modern-day mopeds with a governing device due to recent government laws concerning these vehicles. Often, brand-new bikes will have a top speed of only 30 mph. If you are looking for more power out of your bike, whether in... More »
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