How to Take Apart a Glock 23?


To take apart the Glock 23 you need a punch and a pocket knife or something similar. Make sure the pistol is not loaded and take out the magazine. Then you will release the slide pointing the trigger away from you and pull the trigger to make sure it is empty. You will remove all of the pins, then the locking block. You can find more information here:
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1. Unload the gun. Remove the magazine and pull back the slide to eject any ammunition. Visually inspect the chamber to ensure a live round does not remain in the gun. 2. Check the
100-380 or so. Please send me a message if you know where i can buy a glock 23 for 100 bucks. I will be glad to sell my house and open an ffl if they can be had at that price. 300
Nearest Match Is: Pls refer to or for instructions.
The Glock Model 23 is a compact .40 caliber version of the famed Glock automatic handgun. It
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