How to Take Care of a Baby Finch?


I have to tell you the best idea is not to try to care for a baby wild bird. It just doesn't work well. If you must, you will need to feed it every twenty minutes from sunset to sundown without fail. You will need to use some tweezers to feed the bird and you will need some special vitamins. Here is some more info on caring for wild baby birds, and another warning not to try.
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1. Find a box or cage that will protect the baby finch and give easy access to feed and care for it. Ensure the baby cannot escape before it's old enough to be placed in a cage with
You should be able to meet your babies basic needs and help them be as comfortable as possible. Be sure to feed them when they are hungry, diaper them wet they are dirty or wet, put
Get some kitten food, from well, wherever they have a pet store in your area. With the kitten food, soak it in water until it gets mushy and then mush it all up. Then you can get
Provide a decent size cage, fresh water and food every day, and giv...
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If there is no way of getting the finch back in the nest so its mother can care for it you should make sure to hold it in a towel to keep your sent off the bird, using a dropper feed the bird a bird formula found at a pet store. Keep the contact with the bird to a minimum so that it can be set free when old enough.
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