How to Take Care of a Baby Mole?


Taking care of a baby mole is just like taking care of any other kind of animal. Just make sure it has a clean place to stay, food and water. This link will provide more info on how to feed a baby mole.
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The best way to take care of a baby mole is to call your local wildlife office. In the meantime you can feed a baby mole some puppy formula you can find at you local pet store. If the baby mole is old enough to eat on its own then you can feed it meal worms.
Taking care of a baby mole can be very tedious. They eat a lot, so you have make sure you feed it a variety of foods like vegetables, plants and insects. If you cannot properly take care of it, take it to any wildlife rehab organization.
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1. Prepare a hot water bottle filled with water at about body temperature. Test with the thermometer to ensure it is not too hot. Put the bottle in a box, cover it with a towel and
Baby moles eat there mother's milk. They also eat worms and insects. But they mainly drink there mother's milk. Moles do not have good vision so they can smell if something falls
Just eat it. But if your a vegitarian then you can feed it so much milk that it exploads. Now remember kids, never abuse animals,especially baby ones.
1. Build a pouch for the joey to spend most of it's time in. Use soft material such as a blankets and sheets. Make the pouch just large enough that the joey can fit in it but not
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Moles, part of the rodent family, are wild animals and will not live in captivity when they are babies. Please take the mole to a shelter to be either rescued ...
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Your local wildlife facility will be able to take the mole for you. But in the meantime you can feed the mole puppy food that you get from the pet store. You ...
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