How to Take Care of a New Perm?


You should wash and deep condition your hair every two weeks. Also, avoid too much heat onto your hair as well and do not put a new perm into your hair until the old one has worn out.
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1. Wait 24 to 72 hours before shampooing your hair, after you get a perm. This gives the curl a chance to set before the ingredients are fully washed out of the hair. It's also wise
1. Get touch-ups only as needed. Have only the most unruly sections of our hair redone at touch-ups, because you shouldn't get a complete perm each time unless your hair really needs
Hi there, my partner runs a company called GoodHairDay and has told me this answer to your question. A perm should stay in naturally, if it falls out within a week, go back to the
If you want hair with more body and bounce, a perm may be the thing for you. However, this chemic
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You'll want to use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for permed hair. But, be sure to wait the allotted time after getting your new perm before washing it for the first time. If you wash your perm before then, the curls will not hold. Also, use styling products for permed hair, or ones that moisturize, so that your perm doesn't look dry or frizzy.
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A person can care for a perm in a number of ways. They can use good shampoo and other hair products. They also can avoid using tools such as curlers and products ...
To remove a hair perm, most will suggest to simply cut off the permed portion of the hair or apply a chemical straightening which may reverse it, but also may ...
When one is considering perming their hair, it is advised that one consult a hairdresser, especially if one is considering home hair perming. Because of the chemicals ...
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