How to Take Care of Animals?


Animals are like people. They need love, food, water and shelter. Keep the animals where they are protected from other animals and out of bad weather. Always keep fresh cool water available to them. Find the foods that is right for the type of animal you are keeping. They also need some exercise too. So don't keep an animal locked up in small places.
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1. Cover any bleeding wounds with a clean cloth and transport the animal to your vet as soon as possible. Ad. 2. Gently splint any obvious broken bones and transport to your vet as
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I can't speak for all circuses (or carnivals), but from what I have seen there is generally not a full-time caretaker on staff. The owner of an animal takes care of it on a day-to-day
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All animals need the basic's to live. They need fresh water, a healthy diet and shelter from the weather. Most animals need attention and love or they can become depressed. If you can provide them with these things you will happy and healthy animals.
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