How to Take Care of Crawfish?


To take care of a crawfish you will first need to find a suitable home for it. This would consist of something considerably big and with rocks on the bottom for them to walk on. Also they need something to hide under like a big rock or something like that. They also need something to eat like meat or vegetation. To find more information on taking care of a crawfish visit this website.
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Having crawfish as pets can be a lot of trouble. Crawfish have to have lots of room so that they don't fight over the territory and kill each other. They like to have a lot of hiding places such as plants and rocks. They are messy eaters causing you to have to change your tank often. They will eat fish food and probably kill any fish you may have in the tank.
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1. Sprinkle food into the aquarium at least twice daily. Regular fish pellets are an acceptable option. Crawfish are more active at night and typically hide when the water gets warm
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Your craw fish will need a bubble stone to keep the water oxygenated. In the small space that you have just put in some pvc pipe stacked up to give them places to hide in so they
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