How to Take Care of Fish?


To take care of fish, you need to give them a clean living environment and a proper diet. The proper diet will depend on what kind of fish you have. Some fish eat flaked food and some eat live food. You can find more information here:
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1. Start off with healthy fish. View every fish in that tank before you purchase one. They should move about the tank with purpose and not display any signs of sickness, such as cloudy
1. Get the right size tank. A minimum of a 15 gallon aquarium is needed and a filter, heater, and decorations/plants are needed for the tetras to hide around and keep them thriving.
Feed it every two or three days, and clean its tank at least once a week. Don't keep two betta fish in one tank or they will eat each other and fight.
You really must follow the basic rules of sucessfull fishkeeping if you want to keep baby fish succesfully. The basic rules are . : 1 inch of fish must have at least 1 gallon of water
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To take care of aquarium fishes, you have to clean the tank regularly. You must change the water regularly. You must use the aerator and clean it regularly as ...
A rope fish needs to be in at least a 300 liter tank. Rope fish like to live in groups. Five or six in a tank is plenty. There are a lot of things that you can ...
You have to give extra care to the clown fish. Clown Fish require large tank with good lighting, filtering and temperature control system, as well as specific ...
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