How do you take care of fish?


To take care of fish, you need to give them a clean living environment and a proper diet. The proper diet will depend on what kind of fish you have. Some fish eat flaked food and some eat live food. You can find more information here:
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1. Select a spot in your house where you have a large, open area and decide how large of an aquarium you can place there. Consider your budget and space limitations when selecting
1 Research different kinds of fish and decide which ones interest you. Be sure to find out what they need to live, such as tank size, food, and compatible species. If you don't know
Feed it every two or three days, and clean its tank at least once a week. Don't keep two betta fish in one tank or they will eat each other and fight.
Knowing how to take care of shoes properly can add a few seasons to their wearable life and ensure that you never have to deal with blisters from stiff, warped footwear. The keys
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