How to Care for Peacocks.?


1. Visit a feed store for commercial blends of bird food designed meet all nutritional requirements. These birds are not picky and eat shelled corn, oats, mealworms, dog food, sunflower seeds, insects and more. However, many of these foods do not
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1 Keep chicks warm. Keep chicks in a heated area for the first 4 to 6 weeks of their lives. It's generally a good idea to start out with a temperature of about 95˚F and decrease
a young peacock takes care of his young. by laying it's egg in a food filled nest.
All you need to do is place some grains or corn out in a feeding trough. Then prove a den for them to sleep. Otherwise they are pretty self-sufficient.
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A peacock is the name of a bird. It is not that hard in order to care for a peacock. One thing that you need to do in order to take care of peacock is to make ...
Take care of your peacock by feeding it with food that gives it all the required nutrients. This diet should include proteins from live food, corn and greens. ...
1. Dust the peacock feathers regularly with a microfiber cloth to help remove dust and prevent buildup on the feathers. Carefully move the microfiber cloth up ...
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