How to Take Care of Yellow Belly Turtles?


To take care of yellow belly turtles, provide them with adequate shelter, food and water. Keep them out of stress and handle them properly.
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1. Plug a heat lamp into a timer that is set to come on roughly at dawn and turn off at dusk. The heat lamp will allow the turtle to bask and keep the temperature up, and prevent
1 Before buying it you will need a tank or a big storage box. It is best if the box or tank is not see through as the tortoise will get irritated and try to get out to the other side
Like goldfish they grow to the size of there environment, put them in a big tank they'l grow quite big! i'v seen one about the size of my hand.
im not very experienced in this but i do know if you dont incubate them at proper temperatures their shells will malform. i think you need to get an incubater with a thermostat and
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