How to Take off a Bra?


Many bras can be removed by a clasp in the back. Some bras may have the clasp in the front. Sports bras and some types of strapless bras do not have clasps and must be removed over the head.
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1. Grasp the bra on each side of the clasp with your fingertips. You can do this with one hand, but it is much easier to use two. 2. Push each side towards one another with your fingers
just take it off.
1. Ask to go to the restroom. If the teacher says yes, take your purse (if you have one) Ad. 2. Go into a stall. Take off the bra. Don't let your shirt hit the ground. Someone may
Attached is a link with a video to watch that will show you how to take off a bra. It's hard
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How to Take off a Bra
Some bras can be so stubborn, Houdini would face a challenge trying to open them. Follow these steps to remove this undergarment without having to call a locksmith.... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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