How to Take off Earrings?


How you would take off earrings would depend on the type of earring. For post earrings, you simply grasp the back of the earring and pull it gently until it comes off the post.
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1. Pour about 1 tbsp. of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball. 2. Wipe your ear lobe with the rubbing alcohol to clean it thoroughly. Wait a few seconds for the alcohol to dry. 3. Twist
You take the back off slow. Or you can take a pair of pliers, cut off a section and pull the remains out gently.
The earrings they use for piercing have a little notch that the back fits into so it won't slip off. It's very hard to get that back off; you may need someone with good fingernails
The beginner stud earrings put in by Claire are designed to lock tightly,
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Taking your earrings out is really easy to do. Using your thumb and the forefinger of one hand, hold onto the front of the earring. Using the same fingers on the ...
In my experience, to take off your earring unlatch the closing on the earring. Then slide the earring out of your ear piercing to free it from your ear. ...
The best way to take an earring out is to place two fingers on the back of the earring and two fingers on the front of the earring. Gently pull the front of the ...
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