How to Take off Fake Nails without Acetone?


In order to take off fake nails without acetone, you'll need to rubbing alcohol. You can simply use a cotton ball and wet it in rubbing alcohol. From there, use the wet cotton ball and soak your fingers for about 15 seconds.
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1. Apply a small amount of the petroleum jelly to your cuticles. 2. Pour the acetone into a bowl and soak your nails. Use enough acetone to cover your nails while they rest in the
i rip them off. Source(s) go slowly and you will be fine.
1- Wait it out. 2- Scratch it off. 3- I have heard vinegar works but i have never tried it. 4- soak hands in a tub of warm water (and try to scratch it off)
You can try soaking your nails in rubbing alcohol or hand
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