How to Take off Sensor Tag from Clothes?


The worst experience is when you purchase a cute blouse or shirt and when you get home you notice the sensor is still in place on the shirt. You do not want to drive back to the store but you don't want to risk the tag exploding either. Several people have made videos on how they have removed the tags at home. If you choose to follow these methods then you have to take the risk of having the sensor explode. You can actually purchase a clip that will help remove the sensor. It should be noted that this method should not be used to commit a crime.
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If it's a non-ink tag,you can just use pliers to pry it off.If it's
1 Get a Knife, or pair of scissors, or any other object that has a thin blade . Be sure it will not bend easily. 2 have the circular part of the tag facing toward you . this will
well i steal al lthe time you just pull it off a little hole wil be left over but hey your saving money:
They stick it in the round hole where the machine would take it off and stick it really far in. It hs to be a really strong pin though. Source(s) personal experiance(science project
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If it's a non-ink tag,you can just use pliers to pry it off.If it's ...
There is a utensil that is used for removing a sensor tag from clothes. Some people even use magnets to remove these tags if they are stolen. However, this is ...
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