How to Take Out a Back Boiler?


The first thing you should do before starting any removal process is to investigate if the back boiler has any asbestos lining. If it does a professional will be required, but if it doesn't start by cutting off the gas supply. Remove the flue, a metal tube that guides gases from the boiler to the roof, from the back of the boiler. Finally remove the back boiler by cautiously pulling it out from the wall.
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A back burner is a water filled tank located behind a heat source such as a gas fireplace, or other heating unit. They provide hot water utilizing the heat source, while being out
Talking about a stove top? 8 years.
If it is your property then insist the boiler is removed but to be honest I am sure they will remove it without the need to be told.They will cap the gas pipe so it is there for future
pump will be wired into either your timer/programmer or your room stat .if you have no controls on your system upgrading to fully pump system will save you approx £150 this
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Before removing a back boiler, confirm whether it has an asbestos lining: only handle back boilers without asbestos as this may be harmful to your health. Then ...
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