How to Take Out a Lip Ring?


To take out a straight lip ring, simply unscrew the ball from one end and remove the stem. To remove a hoop ring, separate the two sides until the ball pops loose, and then you can slide the metal ring out.
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1. Thoroughly wash your hands in order to avoid infecting the opening of the piercing. Also cleanse the area around the piercing with anti-bacterial soap or facial cleanser. 2. Grasp
1. First, unscrew the balls at the ends of the ring. Ad. 2. Then, pull out slowly and gently. 3. Disinfect your lip "hole" and pat dry. 4. Screw ball back on both ends of
Taking out a transmission begins with jacking the vehicle up and placing floor jacks under it. Then you can disconnect all vacuum hoses, linkages and wiring harnesses from the transmission
it's easy, with ur fingers pull the ring open and the ball will simply fall out. the ball is held in place by pressure. if you have the tools (reverse needle nose or jeweler's pliers
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How to Take Out a Lip Ring
After getting your lip pierced, you may want to change the jewelry or remove the ring altogether for different occasions. Changing or removing the jewelry is a careful process that should be done slowly with clean hands and equipment. If you're unsure... More »
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To take out a lip ring, you usually need to pull both sides until the post slides out of the back. You can then slide the ring out of the hole.
To take out a lip ring, you just need to take the tip, or screw off. Once you do this, you can take the ring off. If it has no tip, you can just turn it, and pull it out. Put vaseline on it if you need to.
If you would like to take out your lip ring, you will first need to locate the ball or balls. If you have one ball, you will need to hold the ring and pull out the ball. If you have two balls, you will need to unscrew one.
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After cleaning and disinfecting your hands, follow the directions in the provided link. ...
If you want to know how to put in a lip ring, you must first make sure that the ring is the same size as your piercing. You can gently place the lip ring through ...
Most lip piercings require a minimum of six to eight weeks to heal, and the original jewelry is best left in place during this time to promote healing, according ...
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