How to Take Still Pictures from DVD?


There are several ways to take still pictures from a DVD. You can use the Print Screen key on your keyboard or use special kinds of software. For the Print Screen Key method, you press the Print Screen key once the image screenshot you want to capture appears. It is advisable to pause so as to accurately capture the screenshot. After that, paste the image on Microsoft Paint or any other image editor. Edit the image according to your preference then save it. You can also use software such as VLC Media Player and SnagIt which can be used to capture images directly without following steps.
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1. Save or move all of the digital still pictures that you want to include in your DVD movie into one folder on your computer. Having all of the images in one folder will make it
BD-ROMs are more expensive and not everyone has the equipment to play BDs.
What DVD software are you using? Both PowerDVD and InterVideo can capture picture when watching DVD.
Probably because a lot of people still have reason to use DVDs with a laptop: to watch a DVD of a movie or listen to a CD of music, to burn DVDs for data storage or access a CD sent
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