How to Talk to Your Spirit Guide?


Talking with your spirit guide is done through your dreams. They are known to appear mostly in dreams and communicate with you there.
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A spirit guide is said to have been human before transitioning out of the physical body. It is a soul that is here to assist, guide and offer advice to the living.
You can talk to your spirit guide by starting to ask spirit questions that aren't too personal, and can be answered by Yes or No. They may be accompanied by physical sensations on
1. Realize that spirits communicate in different ways. Communication will probably be very subtle at first, but become more recognizable with practice. 2. Choose a quiet place with
The same way you talk to your friends. In fact it is your best friend. I know, they have the habit of not giving answers or no direct answers. but that is because they either know
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Spirits communicate in different ways. To meet your spirit guide, choose a quiet place with a comfortable seat where you can be alone. Call on your spirit guide ...
Meditation is the best way to reach and effectively communicate with your spirit guide. Spirit guides are entities who watch and guide your way in the physical ...
You can contact your spirit guide through meditation. When doing the meditation, it is useful to know that spirit guides can appear in many different forms, from ...
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