How to Tame a Stray Cat?


In order for you to tame a stray cat, you need to give it time. You need to let it feel comfortable around you. Give it treats and talk in a low, soft voice when you are around it.
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1 Leave a dish of cat food out in the same spot, every time you notice it is empty refill it. It's okay if you walk up to the dish and the cat is near by. Ad 2 Sit near the dish while
It just takes time but milk is the worst thing for he/she. Put out only cat food. I'd call a rescue group in your area to help you TNR (trap,neuter,return) because if it's a girl
you walk slowly near it but be very patient and hold your hand out and crouch down very low and stop one metre away from the cat and say here pussy let it smell you and while it is
Stray cats will stay around once you start feeding them. It may take some time to win their trust but as you feed them they will begin to trust you. Then you can start to pet them
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In order for you to tame a cat, you need to start it when it is a kitten so it will be conditioned into it's brain. It needs to feel comfortable around you. ...
Many people who discover cats outside wonder if it is truly safe for them to be feeding stray cats. Not only is it safe, it is a very thoughtful and caring thing ...
Be careful when it comes to stray cats or dogs. You can give the cat some food and water. Make it a bed where it can be comfortable and feel safe. When you ...
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