How do you tame a womanizer?


It is difficult to tame womanizers. Change requires individual commitment and help through therapy. Psychologists believe that womanizing is an extreme form of addiction, and treatment consists of a residential program followed by sex and love addiction therapy.

Although it may be extremely difficult to tame a womanizer, by understanding them and their nature, a person can aid them in suppressing their behavior. The term womanizer should not be confused with men with a pattern of infidelity. Womanizers are addicted to the thrill of chasing women. It is similar to an illness or an obsession. They use their attractiveness and personality to attract women and gain admirers. They are interested in making successive sexual exploits rather than developing significant relationships.

They do not appear to be evil people, but they possess the ability to manipulate women through identifying their needs. A womanizer often comes across as fun, loving and willing to show women a good time. He can appear to be vulnerable and child-like to woo mature women with strong protective instincts, or he may shower young and impressionable women with gifts to win their affection. A womanizer may not always realize that he is deeply hurting his significant other with his behavior. It is important to let him know how his actions affect others, and to not allow him to make excuses for his behavior.

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You have to make sure that the person wants to change from a womanizer because if they really is that simple. In today's world, we put a limit on the amount of time and the amount of love we will bestow upon another person without any reciprocation. As the old
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How to Tame a Womanizer
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