How to Tame a Womanizer?


To tame a womanizer may not be possible. When they get into this habit it is hard to break their habit. If you are the one he is bothering then you should tell him in no uncertain turns to go away and stop bothering you. If it is your husband or boyfriend there may be other issues involved that you and he are going to have to sit down and work out. You know the old story that you can't change the leopards spots.
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1. Appeal to something other than his basic instincts, but look good while you're doing it. Talk to him and engage him in conversations about something he likes, for example, music,
You make him fall in love with you!
You have to make sure that the person wants to change from a womanizer because if they really is that simple. In today's world, we put a limit on the amount of time and the amount of love we will bestow upon another person without any reciprocation. As the old
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How to Tame a Womanizer
You know the type. He may work in your office or live down the street, and two days after he introduces you to his latest "girl" he's dumped her and moved on. But if you have fallen for a womanizer and desire to be more than another passing fancy in his... More »
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