How do I to tame flyaways?


To Tame Flyaway's one should apply shine serum onto your scalp when the hair is wet. One should also spray their comb and brush using hair products based on silicon which when used on your hair will make it stand, For your baby hairs use shine serum
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1. Take care of your hair. To avoid breakage, always use a comb - never a brush on wet hair. Condition regularly because flyaways may be caused by damaged hair cuticle. 2. Tame flyaways
Use argan oil on your hair to make it stronger and healthier. Regular shampoos use sulfates which dry out your hair so try to use sulfate free shampoos instead. You can look online
If it is actual frizz rather than just small flyaways, I would use a shine serume. You put a drop into your hair while damp & blow dry. If it is just a few flyaways, try using
Parakeet's are great. To get them tame they have to get used to you. Talk to it & move slowly when feeding or watering it. Do this until it seems to be used to you being around.
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How to Tame Flyaways
Nothing can ruin a perfect hairstyle more than flyaways. Those untamed pieces of hair signal a hair health problem that requires some TLC to fix. Prevent or tame flyaways by focusing on conditioning, then use a few tricks to keep things in place.... More »
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