How to Tame Guinea Pigs?


To tame your guinea pig, you must first let it get used to its surroundings. Then, put a treat in your hand and the guinea pig will eventually come for it. Start gently stroking its back and pick it up and place it on your lap. Let it get used to this and let it calm down. Repeat these steps until the guinea pig is accustomed to them.
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1. Know that it is easiest to tame a very young guinea pig. When selecting your guinea pig, try to find one that is young and healthy. Older. animals. sometimes have already developed
Guinea pigs can be loving animals to have around but they are also very nervous animals which can seem impossible to tame. Do not despair though most of the task at hand depends on
Most guinea pigs are tame because they are such small animals, with few strategies for attacking, as well as defense, for that matter. So they may just be afraid to have any outbursts
I had the same issue with my guinea pig when I got him. I used to sit by his cage and talk to him. Then I would also feed him treats from the front of the cage. Now, he comes out
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The best way to get a guinea pig to be 'tame' is to spend a lot of time with it. Try holding your guinea pig in your lap and petting him. Eventually you will earn ...
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