How to Tan Evenly in a Tanning Bed?


To tan evenly in a tanning bed exfoliate your body before going tanning. Apply lotion evenly before going in the bed. Take the pillow out of the bed so your neck is even with the rest of your body.
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1. Exfoliate your skin before tanning. If you suffer from dry skin, it's important to exfoliate before visiting the tanning bed. The light from the tanning bed can reflect off the
Ok lets start out with Tanning.. real or fake is horrid for your skin and can cause skin cancer. Now that I said should be alternating between a bed and a hex. And use
1. Consider the size of your living area. Even though this seems like common sense, you may not want to commit to a full size tanning bed if you live in an apartment and move every
It can cause cancer because of the rays. Those rays are almost as powerful as sun rays and in the end you are going to harm yourself just to look good for a while.
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How to Tan Evenly in a Tanning Bed
Tanning beds certainly make it easy to keep your summer glow all year long. The downside is that tanning beds can create an uneven tan. You've probably noticed streaks down your sides and areas that seemed lighter than the rest of your body. Thankfully,... More »
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You want to make sure you are getting tanned evenly in a tanning bed otherwise you may look ridiculous. Also, need to make sure you are being very safe. Tanning ...
A tanning booth is similar to a tanning bed, but is used standing up instead of lying down. To tan in a stand up tanning booth, first apply a suntan lotion that ...
Tanning lotions are great for tanning beds. There are different brands and different kinds. Some are bronzers and tint the skin, others provide maximum color, ...
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