How to Teach a Bird to Talk?


Be sure the type of bird you want to talk is able to talk. In a quiet room with no distractions keep repeating a 1 syllable word over and over. This may take days or longer for the bird to learn but keep at it.
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How to teach your bird to talk
Birds are social creatures and love to interact with their owners. Many parrots are the hit of their families because of their ability to talk and carry on a conversation. Other parrots seem to talk endlessly, mimicking the words that they hear their... More »
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1. Birds respond to words that are spoken that are laced with emotion. This is why so many birds can easily learn to curse. When people swear, they are typically said in a highly
1. Your parrot will most likely learn to say things you say commonly. From the day you get your bird, you should speak often and say specific words, such as "Hello" "
Some kinds of birds talk better than others and all bird talk in one form or another, but here are the best "talkers"- Afican Greys (parrots), Quaker Parrots, Ringneck Parakeets
It is said that if you have a pet at home negative forces are weakened. Animals have the ability to absorb bad elements that threaten the health and well-being of their masters. This
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Birds of the Parrot Family are known to be able to mimic. Apart from these birds, there are other many kinds of birds that can be taught to imitate human speech. ...
The best talking bird is the African Grey. This bird is considered to be the smartest of all of the different talking birds. It has been shown that these birds ...
Talking mynah birds are beautiful birds which are generally much smaller in size than parrots, but have similar vocabulary potential. The best way to encourage ...
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