How to Teach a Budgie to Talk?


You can teach your budgie to talk using a short phrase and repeat it many times. Just give your budgie at least 120 minutes training session a day by repeating the phrases for several days in a row till it begins to practice saying it on its own.
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1 Wait until your budgie is around 3-4 months old before starting to teach him/her how to talk. Ad 2 Get the bird used to you. It is impossible to teach a budgie how to talk when
start by teaching it to to say one word only such as its name. only say the word you want to teach it until it can say it. It takes a long time to teach it to talk so be patient and
Teaching a budgie to talk takes patience and time and not all budgies do talk. I have a method that will help your budgie learn simple words. I suggest you start with something simple
1. Repeat the whistle you would like your budgie to learn often, and on a daily basis. Be patient - It may take several weeks to months for a bird to repeat what you are teaching
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The best time to try and teach your budgie to talk is when it is around two to three months. You budgie still cannot talk by then, but you should talk to him regularly ...
Budgies have the capability of talking and have extensive vocabularies. Budgies that are less than three months do not talk. It is at this period that they are ...
A budgie otherwise known as a Budgerigar or Parakeet can talk with a little training and patience. Unfortunately, not all budgies can talk even with extensive ...
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