How to Teach Elapsed Time?


There are many different methods used by experienced teachers to teach elapsed time to their students. It helps to have an old fashioned clock with the hands, and you can make one out of construction paper. You can find more information here:
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1. Review time intervals to ensure that students have a firm understanding of these fundamentals. Count by 5s, pointing to each number of the clock. Point out the individual minute
If two cars start at a given time and travel in the same direction at average speeds of 40 miles per hour and 55 miles per hour. how
acceleration cannot be calculated from these values alone unless one makes a few assumptions: Vf=final velocity. Vi=initial velocity. a=acceleration. d=displacement. t=time. assume
If you're on Unix/Linux, you can get a smaller granularity using the gettimeofday function. In Windows, GetTickCount returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed. Unix/Linux
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