How to Teach Elapsed Time?


There are many different methods used by experienced teachers to teach elapsed time to their students. It helps to have an old fashioned clock with the hands, and you can make one out of construction paper. You can find more information here:
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1. Ensure your students have the ability to read an analog clock. Provide continued opportunities for students to practice reading the clock prior to beginning instruction on elapsed
Print a clock out online and use a brad to attach the arms of the clock. Have the kiddo physically start at the beginning time and see how the clock hands moved...1 hour...2 hours
Just constant reminders throughout the day. First, give the lesson like you normally would: then, start pointing out, "seven minutes have passed since then" Count the minute
I use something very similar to the elapsed time ruler (we call it a linear clock). They make a 24 hour clock and have two markers. One shows the start time and the other is used
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Elapsed time is the time that has passed. This can be a way of timing something or used for basic knowledge. This is also the amount of time between beginning ...
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