How do you tell a female Muscovy duck from a male?


Muscovy ducks are the only domestic duck not related to the mallard. Because of this, they cannot be sexed according to their tail. One way to tell a female from a male Muscovy duck is by their size. A male will be larger than a female. Another way to tell them apart is the male makes a hissing noise and the female makes a peeping sound, known as a pip.
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1. Consult a field guide to waterfowl, available at most bookstores and libraries, to determine the breed of duck you are attempting to sex. Sex differences vary depending on the
1. Look at the duck in question. Notice the patterns of coloration. Ad. 2. Are you seeing colors? If so most likely you are seeing a male duck. The male Mallard has a metallic green
The same way you do with any other species of duck. The males of any duck species tend to have a lower growlike quack, have more iridescent feathers, in my case with my male magpie
Since they are probably not an auto sexing breed your best bet is to wait until they get older and start to make adult sounds. Only the females really quack, quack, the males make
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