How to Tell a Male from a Female Raccoon?


It is not easy to tell a male raccoon from a female, because the sexes are similar in appearance. Male raccoons are 15 to 25 percent larger than female raccoons, they measure between 26 to 40 inches in length, and they do not have reproductive organs.
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1. Hold the raccoon in your hands or place it on a table. Turn the raccoon so that its head is facing away from you. 2. Lift the raccoon's tail. Identify the anus. 3. Look underneath
by their size and a male is bigger than a female.
Two holes or one hole underneath the tail- I forgot if they get visible balls or not- I have only worked with females. Are you thinking of having one for a pet (if it is legal in
1. Turn the lobster over and look for little leg-shaped appendages on the underside of the tail, where the tail meets the body. These appendages are called swimmerettes or pleopods,
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How to Tell a Male From a Female Raccoon
Many folks find raccoons cute and interesting; however, raccoons can be aggressive when bothered and can transmit deadly diseases to both you and your animals. Raccoons can carry rabies, a potentially deadly disease, as well as canine distemper, which... More »
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