How to Tell an Authentic Mont Blanc Pen?


To tell about the originality of an authentic mont blanc pen check the nib of the pen for inscriptions then the nib is the pen's writing tip and if there is an inscription describing the type of tip, such as iridium point, it is fake also look for the serial number again all authentic Mont Blanc pens list the pen's serial number on the band of the clip on the pen's cap, so peek under the clip and authentic Mont Blancs will have an engraving of the word Pix then inspect the box then finally pay attention to seller feedback because most of the fake Mont Blancs selling today are being sold on popular auction sites.
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1. Look at the nib, which is the tip of the pen where the ink flows. The underside should have a black section that is aligned with the ink aperture. If it is not aligned precisely,
Mont Blanc pens are generally range in price from about 225 to 925 dollars or more. They also sell refills separately. Must be a very special pen for that price.
They are about $270. ChaCha again!
Buy them only at a jeweler cause anything on the net is a knock off 99% of the time . The net is famous for knock-offs like Rolex, Gucci , Louis Vitton, Guess, Harley Davidson , and
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The Mont Blanc Pen has a serial number on the side of it to prove that it is an authentic Mont Blanc pen. Many people will try to sell pens of lesser quality as ...
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To spot a fake Mont Blanc Pen look at the nib. A real Mont Blanc Pen will have the numbers 4810 engraved on the nib of the pen. A real Mont Blanc Pen also has ...
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