How can you tell if a jade is high-quality?


Jade is a special mineral with many different properties which are important factors to help to identify the value of jade. Jade is a smooth stone with a hard texture. Real jade is harder than steel and cannot be easily scratched. If you have got the jade, you can use a knife to scratch on inconspicuous area. If there are scratches, it means that what you get is not original. Jade is cooler than most other substitutes. You can first warm the jade with your hands. Then put down the warm jade and wait for 30 seconds. Try to touch the jade with your tongue; if it is cool, it is genuine jade.
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1. Examine the color of the rock. Real jade varies in color from emerald green to violet, orange, yellow, dark red, gray or even black and always has a soft, muted color tone. Look
1 Learn about real jade. Only jadeite jade and nephrite jade are considered authentic jade. The most expensive and desirable jadeite (Burmese Jadeite, Burma Jade, Imperial Jade, or
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Rub against a piece of cloth and then smell it. If it isn't real it smells like plastic. You can do the same thing with turquoise . Perform a scratch test. Jadeite is very hard; it
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How Can I Tell Good Jade?
Jade is a precious gemstone that comes in green, peach, white and even orange shades. Valued as highly as silver and gold in the East, jade is a stone that's often faked or passed off as genuine, high quality stones. Recognizing genuine, high quality... More »
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You can get a strand of hair and wind it around the jade. Get a lighter and hold the piece over the flame for a second. If the hair burns away, the jade is fake ...
Jade is a valuable gemstone revered primarily in Eastern cultures. In order to determine the quality of jade, you need to look at its color, transparency, texture ...
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