How to Tell How Far along You Are?


To find out how far along you are in a pregnancy, figure out the date of the first day of bleeding in your last menstrual cycle and add 14 days to that. That will give you the date of conception. Finally add 266 days to that and it will give you the due date of your baby. For more information look here: Figuring out your due date;
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You will need to know the first day of your last period. You will then add seven days to the first day of your last period and subtract three months or add 280 from your last menstrual
1. Look at your dog's nipples. According to, your dog's nipples will become pink and swollen about 15 to 18 days into the pregnancy. 2. Ask your veterinarian to perform
Week 3: Your pregnant cat's nipples will start to become enlarged and pinkish in color. Her belly will not show any signs of swelling at this point. Week 4: Her belly will now start
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To determine how far along you are in pregnancy you need to know the date of your last period (that is day 1), or you can have it determined by ultrasound. You ...
You can tell how far along you are by counting back to your last missed menstrual cycle. If you do not want to do the math then you can use one of the due date ...
The first step to telling how far along your cats pregnancy is, is to notice the cats belly. Around the third week, the belly should be getting rounder and plumber ...
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