How can You Tell a Turtles Age?


Determining the age of a turtle is very difficult and gets harder the older the turtle is. The lines on the turtles shell do not have anything to do with its age. Turtles when well cared for can live for 50-80 years.
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1. Identify the turtle’s species. Turtle species vary in their lifespan and this information helps you know how long it took your turtle to mature and how long it might have
You can tell the age of a turtle by looking at its shell.
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If you want to know how to tell the age of a turtle, you'll have to guess. It is impossible to determine the age of a turtle, even by it's shell. It has no distinct ...
You cannot accurately tell the age of a turtle unless you have had it all its life. Some people say you can tell by the number of rings on the shell, but you ...
If you are scientist, you may be able to get a good idea by the formations on their shell, but the truth is, unless you have owned the turtle since birth, it is ...
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