How to Tell If a Cat Is about to Give Birth?


There are several ways to tell if a cat is about to give birth. One could be when the cat's temperature plummets down to 37.2 Celsius. The mammary glands should also increase.
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Cats give birth in the same way as most placental mammals. Contractions of the uterus push the kitten down the vaginal canal and out of the mother's body. For more information look
1. Provide a warm area for your cat to give birth, along with a birthing box lined with shredded newspapers. The cat will be happy with the newspapers until the kittens are born.
She will act nervious, possible panting. She may go lie in a litter box. Right before the birthing starts, she may move (if indoors) to a higher location such as a bed or desk.
1 Accept that for the most part, your cat will not need you but it will probably reassure you to hover around in the background and be prepared for complications. Ad 2 Take the pregnant
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As soon as your cat is in labour, she will begin breathing heavily and purr rhythmically. Delivery can be imminent, but it is also likely that it still takes a ...
The gestation period for cats is between 63 and 65 days. During this time, your cat may gain a little weight. The signs when a cat is about to give birth include ...
Most cats who are about to give birth exhibit nesting behavior. They would roam around the area looking for the best place to give birth. They might even gather ...
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