How to Tell If a Fuse Is Bad?


The easiest way to check for a bad fuse is to unscrew the fuse you think is broken or 'blown'. Check to see if the metal strip inside is discolored or looks burnt. If it is, then that fuse has blown. Simply replace with a new fuse of the correct type.
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To tell if a fuse is bad you can look through it and see if it is burnt in half inside. If it's burnt then it's bad. You can also take a test light and hook it up to the fuse and if the fuse is bad it will only light up on one side instead of two like it should.
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1. Locate the battery box in your scooter and open it up. The battery box is where the scooter gets its power and houses the fuse holder. 2. Find the fuse holder in the battery box.
The easiest way to tell if an egg is bad is to fill a glass with water so that the water is deeper than the egg is long. Gently place the egg in the glass. If it floats, it is bad
there are several ways you can use meter to see if you get a reading from side to side or turn on the ignition switch to on motor not running take a test ligt and touch the top of
look inside the fuse and see if the silver strip is open or melted. other tools are test light and voltmeter.
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