How to Tell if a Gucci Wallet is Fake?


There are a few ways to tell if a Gucci brand wallet is fake. The best way is to look for the authentication card that is supposed to come with every Gucci wallet. If the card is missing, or does not check out with Gucci, then that could be a bad sign. If you believe the card is missing for good reason, like you are buying the wallet second-hand, then the next thing to check is the placement of the full Gucci logo. You will only find the logo inside the wallet. If it is on the outside, it is a fake. Once you find the logo, make sure all letters are in caps, and look at the font to make sure it matches the standard Gucci sans-serif (no feet at the end of letters) styling. One last thing to check, if you are buying the wallet new, is make sure it does not come to you wrapped in plastic. Gucci never wraps their products in plastics, instead favoring dust bags made of cloth.
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On the inside there is a leather sign that says its real where its made and the bar code if not its fake. Original quality are good, fake ones are just so so. but the fake and original
1. Study the logo. The traditional Gucci logo is written in all caps. Also, if you look closely you will notice that the font is sans-serif, meaning it does not have the small features
Proper logo and most, but not all, have serial numbers, i know for a fact that Gucci does.
On the inside, there is a leather sign that says its real, where its made,
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To tell if a wallet is an authentic or fake Gucci, look for the identification and authentication card. If the dust bag is in a plastic, then its fake. Gucci wallets are sold for no less than $500, if its cheap, start doubting. Check the other details: color, stitching and logo. If these looks quite off, think before buying.
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