How to Tell If a Gucci Watch Is Authentic?


There are a number of things to look out for in order to tell if a Gucci watch is authentic. Examine the logos; there should be a double 'G' on the rear of the face of the watch and the hands on the watch should have a small 'G' in the center. Consider the quality; Gucci watches are made from gold or steel so should look and feel like it. Also consider the place where it was bought and if they are an authorized Gucci dealer or not.
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1. Look inside the bag at the interior label. All Gucci bags are made in Italy. If the purse is made in any other place, it is a fake. 2. Think logically about the price. The average
Why would it have 2 serial numbers? I've never looked, but I do have a Gucci and don't believe that's so. I've never owned any designer bag that had two serial numbers, that's weird
All Gucci watches have a serial number on the back. Some also have the model number. Your watch is fake.
There are several things that would enable you to tell an original
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How to Tell If a Gucci Watch Is Authentic?
Gucci is well known for their Italian-made designs. They are also well known for their fashions and accessories. One of these accessories includes Gucci watches. Their watches are of the highest quality designs and made of the highest quality materials.... More »
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To tell if a Gucci watch is real look at the back. A fake will have just a crest and the Gucci name and they are to big. It should also have a model number on ...
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