How to Tell If a Sterling Tea Set Is Real Silver?


To tell if a sterling tea set is real silver, check the silver marks and hallmarks. Then, use magnet to test for magnetism, silver is non-magnetic. After that, take a light-coloured soft cloth and rub the item and if there is a black tarnish mark the item as silver. Lastly, use chemical tests using nitric acid and silver reagents and observe the colour changes.
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1. Check the silver marks and hallmarks. If the piece does not have an authenticating mark or is not clearly marked sterling or 9.25 or with similar known marks, it most likely is
There's a huge difference in value between genuine .925 sterling sets and those that are merely silver plate. Depending on the maker, the sterling could sell for several thousand
It should have the silver bench mark of A1 under the Wm rogers ~
There are many items that are made of silver. From jewelry necklaces, pendants to household items such as silverware, tea sets and trays, silver is a metal that lends any item to
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How to Tell If a Sterling Tea Set Is Real Silver
It is rare to find sterling silver pieces that are not marked. If a piece is unmarked it will rarely be sterling silver. Sterling can be marked with the words Sterling, Sterling Silver, 925, 9.25 or S/S. Items like tea sets, flatware and other items are... More »
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Antique sterling silver tea sets add a sophisticated touch to the decor of any home. They can be both decorative and functional and are often used on special occasions ...
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