How to Tell If a White Duck Is Male or Female?


There are a few ways to tell if a white duck is a male or female. The male white duck tail feathers tip will curl up where the female tail tips are straight. The two sexes of the ducks can be determined by their sounds too, such as the females quack will be louder.
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1. Look at the feathers of the duck. In a mature Pekin duck, the tail feathers of the drake, or male duck, will be slightly curled at the tip. This distinguishes him from a hen. During
1. Look at the duck in question. Notice the patterns of coloration. Ad. 2. Are you seeing colors? If so most likely you are seeing a male duck. The male Mallard has a metallic green
The average person cannot because sex is very difficult to tell in chicks but, their are actual 'chicken sexers' that specialize in this. The way to tell is the feathers grow different
The males or drakes are usually the brightly colored
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How to Tell if a White Duck is Male or Female
Most white ducks in North America are Pekin ducks, which are prized for their meat and size. There are three main ways to figure out the sex of a Pekin duck: look, listen or flip.... More »
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