How To Tell If An Eggplant Is Ripe?


You can tell if an eggplant is ripe by its color. A ripe eggplant should be uniform in color and should feel firm. It should have approximately the same weight as an average baking potato. The leaves should be full and green. The leaves should show no signs of dryness or brown discoloration. Press your thumb against the skin of the eggplant. If you you leave an indentation, the eggplant is probably too ripe and should be discarded.
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Egg plant get to be a little bigger than a base ball around. It will be tender but not too tender. You will want to twist it to pull it off. It will be dark purple.
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1. Choose an eggplant that is uniform in color and free from imperfections on the outer skin. Pick it up to see if it feels firm and has the same weight as an average baking potato.
A firm, glossy fruit of reasonable size will do quite well. ChaCha on
To tell when a pineapple is at its ripest and ready to eat, give a leaf a tug. If the leaf pulls out of the fruit with little or no resistance, then the pineapple is ready. Use this
To test for the ripeness of an eggplant, gently press the skin with the pad of your thumb. If it springs back, the eggplant is ripe.
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Eggplant is ripe when the skin of the vegetable turns dark purple. You will also be able to tell by how easy the eggplant pulls away form the vine. ...
White Eggplant are egg-shaped fruits. They turn from ivory white to golden yellow when fully ripe. They will be about 6 inches long. Pick before frost. You can ...
Eggplant is ripe when it is about 6 to 8 inches in length and has a glossy shine. If the eggplant bounces back when you gently press your thumb into it, then it's ...
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