How to Tell If Box Turtle Is a Boy or a Girl?


You will not be able to tell if your box turtle is male or female until after it reaches 12 months of age. You should wear protective gloves before you start your search . Pick up the turtle and look at the shell. If it is very round with no signs of flatness then it is a female. You can also inspect the nails of the box turtle. If the nails are long and sharp then it is a boy turtle.
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If it is a boy the bottom of its shell will be concaved and if it is a girl it will be flat.
1. Look at the bottom of the turtle. If the bottom, or plastron, is concave it is a male. Having a concave plastron makes it easier for the male to fit on top of the female. If it
When the boy makes something stupid in front of the girl, it is definitely a sign. Usually the boys try to attract the attention of the girl they like by doing stupid and crazy things
If you look at the turtle's shell, the girls would have a rounder shell than the boys. Boys have more of an oval shaped shell. Also if you turn the turtle upside down the boy's shell
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